Pre-Made Sports Handicapping / Monitor Websites
Currently Available for Sale ***Discounted Pricing***
We always have a few pre-made websites ready to go so feel free to keep checking this page from time to time to see what we have available at the moment. As always, we offer our pre-made websites at a huge discount. First come, first serve.
All the websites below are priced based on a one-time fee. The first years web hosting fee is included in the initial one-time price.  The websites can be applied to any domain name.  The logo will be adjusted to match the new name.

After the first year each site will require a $49.95 monthly support fee in order to maintain the software, server and update the site.  Included with the $49.95 support fee we also provide services such as 5 free update per month, priority email and phone support and email / phone leads (1000 per month valued at $99.99) for free..

Last Updated: Tuesday, November 29, 2022
Website Name: SexyChickPicks Template
Website Type: Custom Single Handicapper
Status: Available
   |   One-Time Price: $650

Website: Sexychickpicks Template
Control Panel: Sexychickpicks Control Panel
Website Name: SinCityHandicappers Template
Website Type: Custom Multi Handicapper
Status: Available
   |   One-Time Price: $850

Website: Sincityhandicappers Template
Control Panel: Sincityhandicappers Template
Website Name: ANH8Sports Template
Website Type: Template Single Handicapper
Status: Available
   |   One-Time Price: $350

Website: Anh8sports Template
Control Panel: Anh8sports Template