Email Marketing Services

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Due to the proliferation of spam email marketing has become more challenging than ever.

Key Marketing Techniques

To properly deliver email, the emails need to be preferably double opt in lists. 

Beginner email marketers fail to understand the existence of spam filters at multiple points in the delivery process.  Avoidance of spam filters is determined by a variety of factors including.

  • Sender's reputation - Server and domain reputation are key to effective delivery.
  • Content - Both the body and the subject has to be relevant to ensure the recipient does not unsubscribe or mark the mail as a 'spam' which lowers the reputation of the sender.
  • Delivery Mechanism - Are you using your own server or a dedicated 3rd party service?  Depending on this your success rates will vary greatly.

ZMD Technologies works with clients to do the following:

  • Design opt-in forms both for the web and mobile designed to match your current campaign.  This ensures that spam is minimized.
  • Create perfectly formatted newsletters that are professionally written and free of spam keywords.
  • Manage the campaigns to ensure that deliverability and conversions are maximized.
  • Optimize delivery of the campaign through multiple 3rd party delivery services to ensure that any risk is absolutely minimized.