Blog / Landing Page/ Microsite Marketing Services

This marketing technique has been around forever and it basically evolves around a simple concept:  Creating as much internet "real-estate" as possible and optimizing it so it leads back to the primary business.   The main reason why this strategy is successful is that the content on the blog/landing page or microsite has effectively pre-sold the potential client.  Typical of such sites are the multi-page review sites that purport to be an independent review but are actually partial to the advertiser.  This strategy is successfully implemented by affiliate marketers.

Key Techniques for Microsites and Blogs:

The basis of this strategy evolves around 3 key strategies:

  • SEO - Having both good on-page and off-page SEO can bring traffic to the microsite or blog with little effort at all.
  • Content - Creating relevant content that is valuable to users can get your site indexed for various keywords.  Having each site optimized for the right keywords can bring in highly targeted traffic that can lead to high ROI.
  • Tracking and Optimization - Tweaks to pages for keywords and conversion tracking is a very cost efficient activity.

Key Techniques for Landing Pages:

  • PPC Campaigns - Implementing the right pay per click campaign is crucial as landing pages typically don't get much SEO organic traffic. 
  • Compelling Call to Action -  Landing pages must have a clear call to action.
  • Tracking and Optimization -  Wasted PPC expenditures can be avoided with proper tracking.